One topic that is growing in popularity is anything that says “paranormal.” Some people are simply fascinated with ghosties, ghoulies and all things that go bump in the night. Over the past few years, I have been on numerous ghost tours in different states and cities and while all were fun and entertaining, there was something more I wanted but was missing. Then I figured it out. Where was the history? What was the area like back then? Who were the people that lived here? How old were the buildings the ghosts haunted? What was living in that long ago time like? I wanted the tour guide to not only thrill me with scary stories but take me on a journey into the past. Unfortunately, most ghost tours do not delve that deep into the historical part only the supernatural to thrill and scare the audience. I have always been a history buff; and, I have always loved ghost stories, so after giving it some thought, decided to combine the two and create a ghost tour for Fresno. Then, almost by divine intervention, along came Katie. We collaborated and it was decided CCPI would create the program and sponsor Nightfall Tours to run the day to day operations. The first decision was where.

Both Ghost Walks run every Fri & Sat night from 7:30 – 9:30 PM starting the first weekend in September through the end of May each year. Minimum age is 18 years but not because we don’t like children.  Most children simply will not enjoy just hearing someone talk but will be bored and perhaps get a little antsy.  These Walks are not meant to be scary.  Nothing is going to jump out and scare people, no blood, vampires or ghouls and no props such as extra body parts along the way.  There are other really great Halloween attractions in Fresno during the month of October for the scary stuff.

Thank you to Katie, who is the one that makes the magic for all to enjoy every weekend; thank you to all the stores, businesses, Tower Marketing Committee, BOOT, Bill Seacrest of the Fresno County Library and people that were interviewed, I couldn’t have done it without all your cooperation and assistance.  A special thank you to my CCPI team members for all their support.    

Jackie Meador

The Haunted Tower Walk
Old Town Ghost Walk

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