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I got to thinking one day after my spring Paranormal Studies Class had ended and after most of my students asked……now what. They just spent 6 weeks learning about ghost hunting and while they all had a wonderful time and have all this enthusiasm and energy to continue on and become part of the paranormal research community, what happens now? Where do they go from here? In the past, I could refer them to 2 paranormal meet up groups here in Fresno but 1 is now dissolved and the other is not conducive to learning nor does it have an educational component for its members. It’s more of a mixture of hobbyists and fun seekers looking for ghosts, which is fine but not for someone who wants to learn more and take paranormal research and investigating to the next level.

So, I’m back to thinking, what is there that I can do to give to a small number of people who want to keep investigating, perhaps not on a steady full time basis but still interested enough to want to keep their skills sharp and enthusiasm fresh. What I came up with was a CCPI sponsored annual overnight trip to a supposedly haunted site, which would be open to current and past PS 101 & 102 students. And actually, this just might be kind of fun. Some of the people who took the class went on to form groups of their own or join others and some have kept in contact for a variety of reasons but mostly because they are still interested and want to stay updated on paranormal issues & events.

What I organized in 2008 was the Annual CCPI Expedition for selected friends and students. The objective was to reconnect with past students who are still enthusiastic about ghost hunting, give them a special investigation and have some fun. The Expeditions may not happen every year due to my schedule but I will attempt to organize one every other year, again, depending on my availability.

OK, so this is the way it works. I will select the place to investigate that is interesting, lots of history with a haunted reputation. It may or may not be a hotel but since this is a weekend excursion, lodging will be close. Most of the sites will be located in Central CA with a probable 1-3 hour drive. However, if it is interesting enough, I may pick one that will be farther away or out of state but that will be rare and the site will have to be exceptional as I really do like to keep things local.

Next, I will announce the pending Expedition n our Facebook page, listed on our website events page and in the quarterly CCPI Newsletter 3 months prior to the event date with a Paypal button at the end of the article for reservations. With the exception of the Expedition in February 2010, I would like to organize most of the future expeditions for late fall. There will be 25 spots available and the Expedition is open to former and current PS 101 students, CCPI team members and selected guests of CCPI. There will be a small fee required, usually around $20-$40 per person for those participating in the actual investigation. Guests of participants may come but will not be allowed on the investigation nor will they be required to pay the fee but they are certainly welcome to join us in all the other activities.

So, that’s it. Except to say, these Expeditions are meant to be fun, a chance to see old friends, talk shop and best of all, hunt for ghosts at new & exciting places.

To the PS 101 & 102 students, I hope you all get a chance to join us on these expeditions, this is for you.


2008 CCPI Expedition Preston Castle
2009 CCPI Expedition Hotel Jeffrey
2010 CCPI Expedition San Juan Bautista
2011 CCPI Expedition: Columbia SHP
2014 CCPI Expedition: Back to the Hotel Jeffrey
2016 CCPI Expedition: Sierra Sky Ranch


“A Ghost Hunter without Mediums is like an Angler without Fish”

                                                                                                      Hans  Holzer

Considered the Grandfather of all Ghost Hunters, Hans Holzer (1920-2009) believed that “the purpose of a paranormal investigation was twofold: 1) to establish facts of the phenomena, and 2) to make contact with the alleged ghost.”  So unless you are sensitive yourself, the chances of seeing an apparition are nil and therefore lies the importance of a medium being present during the investigation.  Going one step further, an investigator should use any and all tools necessary to aid the investigation, including EMF detectors, cameras, recorders, AND Mediums.  The object here is to validate your evidence with all the tools at hand and Mediums are tools, specialized tools but tools nonetheless.  And quite frankly, if a medium can point me in the right direction and I can capture physical evidence because of their assistance, then I have met my burden of proof and the number one objective: establish facts of the phenomena.  Further, Mediums also assist in researching a supposedly haunted site giving investigators information into the site’s history, helping to pinpoint the era with events that happened in the past in addition to names, dates and specific details that not only help the investigator’s research but also helps validate the client’s experiences.  

As for making contact with the spirit, a good Medium can be quite handy in giving the investigator an edge to finding out about the entity that is haunting your client’s home or business.  Some people believe that a paranormal investigator must be psychic in order to hunt of ghosts.  This couldn’t be further from the truth and anyone who believes such is either naïve or unenlightened.  It is not necessary to have psychics/sensitives present to conduct an investigation and many groups including CCPI have operated successfully for years without them.  In fact many groups operate purely from a scientific standpoint and do not believe a Psychic or Medium is required.   Whatever the reasons, each group has their own guidelines, structure and methods, and it works for them.

Regardless of methods, Our priorities are universal and clear:  Establish the phenomena with facts and hard evidence and to assist the client in understanding and validating paranormal phenomena.

While I would never suggest complete dependence on Mediums for paranormal investigations, I would certainly advocate for both the scientific and metaphysical methods being applied. I have always believed that the two can work together, hand in hand, complimenting each other and filling those areas where the other leaves off.   One caveat, one method must never overshadow the other and balance must be maintained at all times: not an easy task but at this stage and in my opinion, it’s all about taking the paranormal investigation to the next level and expanding the paranormal investigation of including psychics/sensitives and mediums is that step.

To that end, CCPI has now included a psychic unit consisting of five (5) mediums, psychics & sensitives of all abilities and stages of development.This unit will assist in the scientific investigations as needed and will also be instrumental in teaching and educating themselves and others to develop, understand and control their own gifts. They will also be available for lectures, workshops, conferences and presentations.

I would like to introduce the newest members to the Central California Paranormal Investigation team: 


CCPI Psychic Unit-The Lightworkers.   



The Unit Leader, who is in charge of the Team assisting other investigators during the investigation with her mediumship abilities and insight.  She will also be teaching other psychics & sensitives how to develop, understand and control their gifts  Starting in the Fall of 2009, Michelle will be teaching a psychic/intuitive development class.  Contact for further details.






Jen joined CCPI in 2007 and has now joined the Psychic Unit to develop and strengthen her sensitive abilities and assist the CCPI investigators. A graduate of the PS 101 2006 Class, Jen has a very good foundation on the scientific side of paranormal investigating and now will add her unique metaphysical touch.






A CCPI Investigator with sensitive abilities,  Johanna has been investigating paranormal phenomena with Jackie for 6 years.  She has now joined the Psychic Unit to hone her abilities and coupled with her scientific methods and spirit photography skills is an asset to the whole team.






Darcy is the newest member of the CCPI team and brings her sense of wonder, fresh ideas and keen intuition abilities to our investigations.  Now developing her psychic abilities even further with Michelle’s guidance, she has proven herself to be credibile and become an asset to the CCPI organization.







Marla has been aware of spirit since she was a young child.  Over the years she found an understanding that there was a responsibility to connect and heal both sides of the veil. She is a psychic, clairvoyant and trance medium and has  been doing readings and spiritual counseling for over 30 years.



My name is Jackie Meador and I am the founder and Chief Investigator for the Central California Paranormal Investigators (CCPI) based in Fresno, California. We are a research based organization which has been serving the residents of the San Joaquin Valley for more than 7 years. The funds needed for our continued research comes from our own pockets and through the events CCPI sponsors throughout the year, such as, various ghost tours, the Ghost Walks and the Paranormal Studies Classes. For 2008, we had our first paranormal seminar for the San Joaquin Valley on October 10-12, 2008 at the Sierra Sky Ranch in Oakhurst, California

With small non-profit businesses struggling to stay in operation, CCPI has also made a commitment that a portion of our yearly proceeds will go towards a selected community non-profit organization. We will then highlight which non- profit organization has been selected with a short story about them. We hope you will visit the organization featured here and donate what you can.

Thank you from CCPI